Monday, 29 October 2018

Inktober 2018 - Week 4

Day 22 - "Expensive" - another tricky prompt word... so I did a silly one as it was a Monday...

Day 23 - "Muddy" - This prompt word I took as a style cue, and hence captured this entity that appeared the other evening in my scrying glass...

Day 24 - "Chop" -  I went for one of the great chops in horror cinema - Peter Cushing's beheading of Ingrid Pitt at the finale of Hammer's The Vampire Lovers

Day 25 - "Prickly" -  After assorted monsters, violence and weirdness, I thought it was time for a nice picture, so here's a little hedgehog!

Day 26 - "Stretch" - After some consideration, and wanting to avoid joining the inevitable flood of Reed Richards/Plastic Man/Armstrong pics, I went for a portrait of one of Britain's most notorious criminals, who did many a stretch in stir...

Day 27 - "Thunder" -  for this one, I went for a genuine Thor's hammer amulet found in Skåne, Sweden

Day 28 - "Gift" - for this one I decided to do the original girl with all the gifts - Carrie White

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