Monday, 15 October 2018

Inktober 2018 - Week 2

Day 8 "Star" - Having just been reading about the old rogue recently in Stephen Volk's excellent new book The Dark Masters Trilogy (see here for details), I was reminded of one of Aleister Crowley's magickal laws "Every Man and Woman is a Star"

Day 9 "Precious" - I think this one speaks for itself!

Day 10 "Flowing" - This one was inspired by Tolkien's own wonderful illustrations, chiefly his cover for the original edition of The Hobbit

Day 11 "Cruel" - "Oh, he was a cruel child for certain, but he had to pay in the end, and after.’ ‘After?’ said Uncle Oldys, with a frown. ‘Oh yes, Doctor, night after night in old Mr. Simpkins’s time, and his son, that’s our Mr. Simpkins’s father, yes, and our own Mr. Simpkins too. Up against that same window, particular when they’ve had a fire of a chilly evening, with his face right on the panes, and his hands fluttering out, and his mouth open and shut, open and shut, for a minute or more, and then gone off in the dark yard..."

from The Residence at Whitminster by MR James

. Day 12 "Whale" - and with me being me, I had to add "in spaaaaaaaaaaaace!" If any of you hoopy froods know where your towel is, then you'll guess the inspiration for this one...

Day 13 "Guarded" - A misspent youth devouring Fighting Fantasy gamebooks suggested this one... See the little goblin, see his little feet..."

Day 14 "Clock" - very much inspired by Ionicus book covers

The round-up of the first week's drawing can be found here!

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