Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Welcome once again dear fiends to the 'Orrible 'Ouse of Terrible Old Tat! Well then, since we last spoke a remarkable thing has occurred! For in the possibly ironically named Great Britain, the first signs of something resembling summer have manifested! Something rare and wonderful indeed! Furthermore forecasters are predicting a long hot summer and newspaper editors are I understand already dusting "Cor wotta scorcher!" headline layouts. Of course, it's probably all tosh but while there's still some sunshine knocking about, it's time to return to the cryogenic vaults of the 'Orrible Old 'Ouse and discover some curious relics from the chiller cabinets of days gone by... 

Now last summer, we had an extensive look-back at the history of ice lollies down the ages. We charted the rise and fall of these chilly summer treats, and discovered how various strategies were used to flog variously mixes of flavoured liquids and ice cream frozen onto sticks. And along the way we met a great many icons from pop culture and cult fiction who were pressing into service in the Great Ice Lolly Wars! However we didn't cover quite everything... But before we embark on a freshly thawed chapter, here's the original series of posts all collected together for your reading pleasure! 

Part 1 - It Came From Beyond the Chiller Cabinet! Welcome to the Ice Lolly Wars! 

Part 2 - Sky Ray the Space Age lolly! 

Part 3 - Doctor Who and the Sky Rays!

Part 4 - Exterminate! How the Daleks became ice lolly salesmen! 

Part 5 - The No Strings Attached Years - Gerry Anderson themed lollies!  

Part 6 - We Can Refreeze Him - 1970s cult TV tie-ins 

Part 7 - Monkey Business - King Kong, the Emperor of Ice Cream 

Part 8 - A long time ago in Chiller Cabinet Far Far Away - The age of the blockbuster tie-ins! 

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