Friday, 15 June 2018


Harvest Hymns Volume 1 - The Twisted Roots of Folk Horror music

An exploration of the artists and their music who laid the foundations for future generations of Folk Horror musicians. Taking in Murder Ballads, Acid Folk, Occult Rock, The Blues and Traditional Folk Music as well as Film Soundtracks Twisted Roots is a collection of articles, interviews and album reviews from the likes of Maddy Prior, Jonny Trunk, Sharron Kraus, John Cameron and Candia McKormack and many more. Featuring an article on the Psychomania soundtrack by Mr Jim Moon! 

Harvest Hymns Volume Two: Sweet Fruits 

This volume focuses on music that has been inspired and influenced by those artists, composers and albums covered in Vol.1 (Twisted Roots’) to create the music that we now would consider to be `Folk Horror’ – or that at least grazes in the same pastures as those artists. A mixture of interviews, articles and reviews from, about and with the likes of Adam Scovell, Moon Wiring Club, Drew Mullholland, Broadcast, The Devil & The Universe, Jim Jupp, Inkubus Sukkubus and A Year in the Country.

Keep your eyes peeled for Scarecrows, Horn Dancers and Corn Rigs, Hamlets, Fetes and Villages, Black Eyed Dogs, Hanging Trees and the mist rising in Fields of Blackberries, Weeping Willows, the Rolling of the Stones, and the Great God Pan sat upon his throne… and beware of all that goes on Beyond the Wych Elm for there ‘tis the Season of the Witch

All proceeds from Folk Horror Revival books go to the Wildlife Trust.

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