Saturday, 18 November 2017

MICROGORIA 49 - The Hamlyn Book of Ghosts

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon returns to the haunted shelf of childhood favourites and dusts off the very creepy tome, the Hamlyn Book of Ghosts by Mr Daniel Farson, first published way back in 1978! 

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. If you had told me a few years ago that I would one day be listening to podcasts about the Hamlyn series, I would have scoffed at you incredulously.
I've always believed that in the scene in The Devil Rides Out when de Richleau claims to have been up all night consulting the "esoteric texts and doctrine", if the camera had panned to the side slightly, a pile of Hamlyns and the Usborne Guide To Vampires, Werewolves & Demons would be visible, piled untidily on a small table by his chair.
The fact that the film is set about six decades before the times were released could be hand waved away by as a side effect of the time altering incantation in the climactic scene.

Anonymous said...

And in Plague of the Zombies when Sir James Forbes spent the afternoon in the Vicars library. It was full of Hamlyns and Usbournes. Probably a couple of Aurums as well.
No wonder Squire Hamilton got his comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

Tom Newcliffe could have done worse than refer to the Usborne (sic)/Hamlyn back catalogue rather than his ineffective processes of elimination, even aided as he was by his "Werewolf Break".
What a wiy o' daen.

Anonymous said...

Its funny you mention Tom Newcliffe. Im reading Peter Cushing's Tales of a Monster Hunter which includes James Blish's short story There Shall Be No Darkness. This is the story upon which The Beast Must Die (1974) is based.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that. I would be very surprised to learn that any Amicus films had a literary basis, excluding the Rice Burroughs prehistoric "spectaculars". You could melt all of those down and the collated liquid wouldn't fill one of "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (1959)"s footprints. I came across the dvd of that for 99p in the gift shop of a deer park and rewatch it when I can. Thayer David is class. HE IS THE OWNER OF THIS DOMAIN!