Sunday, 5 March 2017

HYPNOGORIA 52 - Zombi Zombi Part VII: Origins of the Zombie

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon resurrects his Zombi Zombi series, and this time we are going right back to the beginning! In this show we unearth the earliest accounts of the zombi, hearing strange tales of  haunted islands, voodoo rites, and discover something a little different to what you might be expecting!

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CthulhuWho1 said...

Jim, My Other Favorite Morning Fix (next to Coffee!)

Finding your latest wonderful blog post of "Zombi Zombi" when I turned my computer on this morning was a perfect way to start my day!

I had an accidental fall this week that left me badly bruised, scraped, and hurting all over; that I then compounded by working too hard all day yesterday trying to clean up and mow our property.

So this morning, I was hurting so bad, in so many places, that I told my wife I felt like I was trying to rise from the dead after a car wreck...

Thus making your "Zombi Zombi" the perfect compliment to my feelings of being a Zombi at this point myself.

Thank You for being the Soundtrack of my Life!

The "Old One" in Fullerton, California,

Will Hart

Jim Moon said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery sir!

We'll be a while down among the dead men, for the next few episodes are in the can already and another two are slowly shambling to towards completion!