Saturday, 17 September 2016

MICROGORIA 35 - Murder In Lower Quinton Part III

In the third and final part of our investigation into the Lower Quinton murder, we attempt to get to the truth of the witchcraft angle of the case, take a close look at the suspects, and attempt to discover who was most likely to have committed this infamous murder.

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solar penguin said...

So as a young man, he sees ghosts, then fifty years later someone's suddenly all like, "Kill the witch!" Why? Weren't there any more recent witches anywhere to kill...?

The pitchfork handle being jammed like that could be part of a simple non-ritual attack. It's just the killer's way of telling himself, "Right, that's enough, job done, stop killing him now." If the killer really did have anger issues, something like that is exactly what we'd expect.

Anonymous said...

I've toyed with the idea that it may have been a group of young lads caught doing something they shouldn't (oo-er) and a fracas has developed that got out of hand. Walton may have fought back harder than expected - I imagine he would be as hard as nails from years of hedge trimming etc- and he is pinned to the floor by his own pitchfork by two of them. A third reluctant member of the group is forced to take part/share the blame by slashing the throat.
My apologies if that was covered in the show, hoping to listen to it tonight.