Monday, 23 October 2017


Day 16  - "Uninvited Guests" - another homage to old school RPG art

Day 17 - Crooked House with Mark Gatiss as the Curator

Day 18 - I think I'm calling this one "Black Goat Kaleidoscope"

Day 19 - Ghastly McNasty, Editor at Large #inktober2017

Day 20 - A regular face at the Great Library of Dreams...

Day 21 - Misty

Day 22 - another piece inspired by MR James
"One thing I did notice in the carving on the well-head, which I think must have escaped you. It was a horrid, grotesque shape — perhaps more like a toad than anything else, and there was a label by it inscribed with the two words, “Depositum custodi” - "Keep that which is committed to thee"...

from The Treasure of Abbot Thomas

Day 23 - The Stain of Vampirism - this piece was very much an exercise in seeing what suggested itself from some random splashes.

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