Sunday, 14 August 2022

HYPNOGORIA 217 - The History of Universal Horror XXI

1945 was to be another year packed with fright flicks from Universal! With new cases for Sherlock Holmes, further Inner Sanctum Mysteries to torment Lon Chaney Jnr, and the return of famous (and not so famous) monsters.., But were these chillers getting too cheap and creaky?

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solar penguin said...

Yay!!! Great to see the Universal series back again.

solar penguin said...

BTW I think one of the problems with Jungle Captive is that the writers just plain didn't know what to do with the Ape-Woman. Instead of having her like a female Wolfman (someone who keeps turning into a murdering hairy monster against their will) they make her a female verion of their Frankenstein's Monster (someone who keeps getting killed, resurrected by mad and/or misguided scientists, then killed again.)

And to make things worse, by now they no longer even know what to do with the real Frankie either, since he's now reduced to Wolfie's enemy/sidekick (who still keeps on getting killed, resurrected by scientists, then killed again!) If that wasn't enough to keep him a popular, audience-grabbing character, despite the attraction of the Frankenstein name, there's no way it would work for her.

And the really, really annoying thing? At one point in Jungle Captive there's a close-up of a newspaper front page. Pause it and you'll see that one of the smaller headlines tucked away below thw main story is about paleontolgists digging up a mastodon skeleton. What an opportunity that would've been! Ape-Woman vs. rampaging, magically re-animated mastodon skeleton! Just imagine it!

Oh well...