Friday 15 December 2017

HYPNOGORIA 79 - Oh Whistle And I'll Commentate On You My Lad

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon provides a hopefully illuminating commentary on the classic BBC TV adaptation of MR James's famous ghost story Oh Whistle and I'll Come To You My Lad. Directed by Dr Jonathan Miller, this short film version first screened in 1968 as part of the BBC art show Omnibus and would go one to inspire the creation of the BBC's classic annual series A Ghost Story for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I had hoped to have started this series before now but started here last night. I had to re-synch about 3 minutes in but this was easy with occasional raised voices heard. A very good insight into a very good BBC adaptation. A longtime favourite of mine but I think some of the later ones edge it possibly.
I'll commence the ghost story readings tonight. I hope you will have the commentary for A Warning to the Curious for us at some point in the future.

Jim Moon said...

I plan on doing a commentary for all the Ghost Story for Christmas series, and there close brethren such as Crooked House. Next year one of the Christmas specials will be a commentary for The Stalls of Barchester!