Saturday 12 August 2017

HYPNOGORIA 66 - Day of the Triffids Part I

This week, we are popping out into the gardens of the Great Library of Dreams, to see how our prize triffids are coming along. And along the way we discuss the origins of these infamous plants and the themes of John Wyndham's classic SF novel.

HYPNOGORIA 66 - Day of the Triffids Part I

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solar penguin said...

Only just got round to listening to to this. Good stuff, as usual.

You're right about TDotT being a restrained apocalypse making it more realistic. (Where do all Hollywood's feral cannibal punks get the hair gel to keep their spiky mohicans in perfect shape? That's always bothered me. Are they making it from the fat of their victims? Wyndham wouldn't bother with any of that nonsense!)

And you're also right about the ending. Imagine how silly it would be if someone changed it so the triffids were all killed by salt water. Oh, wait... Never mind!

BTW please don't be too harsh on the eighties BBC serial next podcast. I know it's very dated nowadays, but it was my first ever exposure to TDotT, and at the time I thought it was great, even better than Doctor Who! (Unfortunately, I missed the last episode for some reason. But that meant I sought out a copy of the book to see how it ended, so that turned out OK.)

Jim Moon said...

I can promise you I have alot of very positive things to say about the 1980s TV series. Now, the 2005 mini series on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

I remember the 1981 version clearly, despite being in the early years of primary school. It was the talk of the playground, the dinner hall, the classroom etc. It was a wonder we got any work done.
Guid as it is, the same years The Nightmare Man hits it for six. 1981 was a good year.