Thursday, 28 April 2016


The world of 1970s paperbacks brought the world of terrible books two things. Firstly a slew of witchy, occult flavoured novels that not only boldly stepped onto Dennis Wheatley's turf, but were also an excuse for writing saucy smut. Secondly however the end of the decade saw the beginnings of novelty formats - embossed fonts, foil stamped titles, and most gloriously of all, the double page art spread just inside the cover! 

And this pair would meet spectacularly in this edition of Jane Pankhurst's Isobel - saucy cover and then open it up and get this paperback equivalent of a heavy metal gatefold sleeve! This demented and gorgeous art was the d├ębut of Rowena Morrill, who would go on to be come a highly respected illustrator! 

Yes Virginia, there is a crocodile pretending to be a jawa with a boob out! 

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