Sunday, 24 January 2016

MICROGORIA 23 - Monsters & Miscreants

Mr Jim Moon draws close to the fire to discuss the various and strange natures of the entities haunting the stories of the great MR James. And we also take a look at a wonderful new Jamesian card game - we believe the first of its kind - created by Mr James Drewett and Mr Richard Svensson which features 30 creatures and villains from the fiction of MR James. 

For more information, go to the Monsters & Miscreants Facebook page

And here, for those of you in the UK, you can order the game direct from there for £9.99 incl. postage (UK SHIPPING ONLY) - just click the POWr Paypal button via computer and away you go!

For non-UK buyers, you purchase a copy from Richard Svensson (the man behind the art) by sending $18.99 via Paypal to at

Also check out Richard's marvelous models, masks, movies and art at

DIRECT DOWNLOAD -  MICROGORIA 23 - Monsters & Miscreants

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