Sunday, 22 April 2012

HYPNOBOBS 75 - Favourite Childhood Monsters Part II

Continuing our ramble through favourite childhood monsters, Mr Jim Moon explores fairy and folk tales, the horror of Grendel, and discusses dragons and sea serpents at length. And there's also a look at some of your favourite monsters too...

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Ant said...

Loved the show Mr Moon (as ever). But I need to know the name of the monster books from your childhood you referred to. I read these as a child. And that image just confirms it for me....I could probably go back and listen again see.....I can't be arsed :)

Also, not sure if this was from the same series of books or not. It may be my memory mis-remembering. There were a series of red paperback books for children. Not too think. They were probably about 8 inches squared and covered such topics as Dragons, Gnomes, Giants, etc...

They were full of little facts such as the worlds tallest skellington. Full of folk lore and ..... I'm babbling, aren't I? Anyway. Much appreciated an another GREAT series to go with all your other ongoing Great ones :)

Cheers, Antony (from that Red Dwarf Podcast)

Jim Moon said...

Thank you sir! The monster books referred to in this one was Usbournes' MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN - the omnibus edition collection ALL ABOUT MONSTERS, ALL ABOUT GHOSTS and ALL ABOUT UFOS.

And we also talk of the Ruth Manning Sanders collections of folk and fairy tales which included "a Book of..." series.

As for the red books, there was a series of red bound thin hard books called IIRC The Enchanted World which had volumes on Dwarves, dragons, giants, magicians etc.

Antony James said...

Cheers Jim. Just done the image search and I'm pretty sure that at some point I owned (or maybe my Uncle who lived next door owned) The three seperate 'All About' books.

Think I'm going to have to look them up and get a about memory lane when I see the covers!

As for the red books...I've just found that they were also Usbourne. In fact, i think some of the artwork inside may have been more cartoony versions of 'All About' books. Certainly, I've seen the image accompanying this blog posting portrayed in a more child friendly way. One of the covers is here