Sunday, 12 February 2017

HYPNOGORIA 51 - A Tribute to John Hurt

In a special episode, Mr Jim Moon pays tribute to the life and career of John Hurt, looking back over a personal selection of his most outstanding roles. 

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Anonymous said...

John Hurt was a legend. My favourite role of his would be The Shout, but had just recently been revisiting the BBC ghost story "Oh, Whistle..". I didn't think much of it upon my first viewing due to its deviation from the source material, but it has improved with repeated efforts. My poor niece, who I just recently watched it with was devastated when I told her the man from the hotel had died.
On one of the nearby estates, there had been an Artist In Residence in the eastern most lodge until relatively recently, and i understand John Hurt frequented it when he was a guest of the local born actor Ken Hutchison.
Hutchison hailed from the nearby village of Leslie and there are still some old timers who remember our dynamic duos tear-ups in the 70s.
In the same town, there also exists a Chinese restaurant called the Mee Kee which survives in its original late 60s/early 70s decor. There is a wonky table in an alcove near the back my friends and I refer to as "The John Hurt Table". We variously claim to have seen the original script from Alien or The Shout folded up under the tables shortest leg, when it is rarely pressed into reluctant service.
Great tribute Jim, some of my non-genre friends appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous. I'd very much like to visit your Chinese, Mr.St Claire...

Anonymous said...

The sequence in The Shout when Crossley takes John Hurt's character out (almost, so to speak) on the sand dunes is absolutely superb.

An off-beat and very memorable film.

RIP John Hurt.

Anonymous said...

Id very like to hear your Hamlyn Book of Horror podcast, Mr. Moon...

Jim Moon said...

With all the powers I clearly don't possess, I'm officially designating the Mee Kee a Hurt pilgrimage site!

In other news, I just picked up The Shout on blu ray very cheap (five of your Earth pounds!) - grab a copy while you can!

And all doing well, the Hamyln Horror episode should be out this weekend!

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing i would like to hear more than an in- depth Horror Top Trumps style dissection of the Hamlyn oeuvre full of obscure behind the scenes information and a few memories from our narrator personal Hamlyn experience it would be a.. No I cant think of anything I would like more than that..
Not even Mee Kee House Special Chow Mein. Or Kung Po for that matter.