Friday, 9 September 2016

MICROGORIA 34 - Murder In Lower Quinton Part II

In the second part of our investigation into the Lower Quinton witchcraft murder, we unravel an occult history of magic in Britain, exploring Satanism in the press, and how the story has been presented and misrepresented over the years. We strip away the layers of myths, mistakes and misconceptions that have grown up around the Walton case, and discover how this notorious unsolved crime has shaped popular culture.

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solar penguin said...

If you ignore all the witchcraft speculation, the case seems to have something in common with other unsolved murders.

There's the "maniacally brutal" murder of farm worker George Stapleton in Bedfordshire, April 1939. (Was someone going round killing farm workers and stealing their money and/or valuables?)

OTOH was Olive May Bennett of Stratford-Upon-Avon blackmailing the murder, and was that why she was murdered April 1954?

Hopefully, you'll be looking at those in your part 3, now you've got all the witchcraft out of the way...?

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff, never before has there been such a deep delving into modern-ish British Satanism.
As you observe, the waters are horribly muddied by media sensationalism, but could also a cunning murderer use it as a supernatural smokescreen to conceal baser motives..?
It seems unlikely in a rural setting such as Quinton, but I'm sure Arthur Conan Doyle was readily available in those days too...
I admit I find the idea that there are dangerous Satanic cults operating faintly ridiculous, that they are highly disciplined, handing down forbidden knowledge etc to their disciples and always elusive and unable to be caught. If such rituals did go on, I'm sure they would get caught en masse, and a miniature Waco type situation would unfold, except with Tasers and CS gas in a Suffolk field/compound.
There were actually horse mutilations in the fields a mile north of here - ears cut off and stuff, I prefer to think that they were committed by some Croglin-type thing that crept out of the ruins of Kirkforthar Abbey rather than the banal truth that some morbid goths or a budding serial killer done it after finishing their shift at McDonalds.
But, as Richard Widmark remarks in TTDAD "98% of Satanists are harmless, item the other 2% you gotta worry about.."
I had a book once called "The Possessed" by a Brian Connell (I think) that had some pieces on Fabian (possibly critical, I cant remember, I was about 9) the writer was either an ex-policeman or a minister or simething and the book was also remarkable in that it had stills from The Exorcist while it was still banned. It was a decent read until it got a bit godly near the end.
It also had a piece on an Englishman who tore his wife's face of after a failed Bible group exorcism. Perhaps that, and the alleged werewolf who was locked in the cells of a police station while he raved at the moon could be looked at in a future show, if i may be so bold as to make a suggestion.
Remember well the words of Jessica Van Helsing when asked what she wanted with a Treatise On The Black Mass "Oh, just a quiet bit mind blowing. I think its all kinky.."

Jim Moon said...

Not wishing to show my hand early, but Part 3 features a very interesting case which not only has some interesting parallels but I think explains quite why the Walton murder has proved so hard to solve...

I suspect I'll be delving further into the history of Satanism when I record a commentary for The Devils Rain which features the Church of Satan founder Anton LaVay... if only to have something other than Shatner's syrup...

I remember reading The Possessed years ago... I shall have to hunt down a copy

Anonymous said...

An inspired commentary could be just what I need to get me through the Devils Rain. I have had numerous attempts at sitting through it but it's hard going. Promising first 20 minutes though.

Anonymous said...

...and the Mad Axeman if course...

Jim Moon said...

I shall be attempting to get to grips with why it's such a mess of a movie, and indeed trying to make sense of the rather odd plot!