Saturday 29 December 2018

HYPNOGORIA 107 - Ghostly Rules and Dead Rooms

In the last episode of the festive season, and indeed of the year, Mr Jim Moon takes a look at what makes a good Christmas ghost story. We have a chat about the latest BBC Ghost Story for Christmas, The Dead Room starring Simon Callow and written and directed by Mark Gatiss, which aired this Christmas Eve. And then we hear from the master of the ghost story himself, MR James, with three readings of various essays and articles where he outlined his own rules for writing ghost stories. 

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solar penguin said...
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solar penguin said...

So Monty Python didn't invent the idea of an opening scene where a guard on castle battlements comically overanalyses nonsense about birds! Next you'll be saying the First Folio version of Hamlet also had footnotes going "Why nøt cøme tø Denmårk før yøur hølidåys this yeår?"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, and for all your podcast over Xmas - especially your own story, Jim.

A quote I always found quite chilling from MRJ came to mind, in the context of rules... and I found the whole of it on Ghosts And Scholars:

"Shortly before his death I asked him what he really thought on the subject, since he had written better ghost-stories than any man living. He answered: 'Depend upon it! Some of these things are so, but we do not know the rules!'" --- Shane Leslie on M.R. James.