Sunday, 15 January 2017


Hello folks, just a quick parish notice - this week's show will be a tad late thanks to some software problems caused by a Wordpress update (and as Wordpress is very popular for running podcasts quite a few other shows are also be affected too). However the episode is done and will go out as soon as we can get it up (oo-er missus) - hopefully by Tuesday, or hopefully before is Wordpress fixes the bug  in the update!

However while we're all here, the show list from the next month or so looks like this -

HYPNOGORIA 48 - Horror Last Year Part I : rounding up assorted prequels and sequels of note from 2016.

HYPNOGORIA 49 - Horror Last Year Part II: venturing beyond Hollywood to look at a selection of international horror movies

HYPNOGORIA 50 - Horror Last Year Part III: sampling some of my favourite horror flicks of last year

FROM THE GREAT LIBRARY OF DREAMS - The Man With the Roller - we turn to the works of EG Swain who we meet in our ghost stories for Christmas and hear another eerie tale from the little parish of Stoneground

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