Thursday, 1 December 2016

FOLKLORE FLASHBACK #17 When the Red Red Robin....

Well dear friends, currently it would appear that certain waterfowls appear to be ballooning and elderly gentlemen are reporting their headgear filling up with loose change. This can only mean one thing - Christmas is coming once again!  And to get you in the come for the coming festivities, here's a little series I wrote exploring the folklore behind one of the great icons of Yuletide, the humble robin redbreast! 

Part 1 - In which we examine superstitions surrounding the robin redbreast

Part 2 - The origin of these supserstitions and the robins role in Babes in the Woods

Part 3 - the folklore behind Babes in the Woods

Part 4 - The robin and his associations with Christmas

Furthermore, if all of that looks like an awful lot of reading, last Christmas I created an audio version, adapting this little series into a podcast, which you can find here -

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