Thursday, 18 August 2016

FOLKLORE FLASHBACK #3 - The Croglin Vampire

This week we are delving in the audio archives of my weekly podcast. A few years ago I did a little series of shows chatting about favourite monsters from childhood, and I got onto the subject of vampires, and in particular the legend of the Vampire of Croglin Grange... 

This week, Mr Jim Moon dusts off the great tome marked 'Favourite Childhood Monsters' and explores the world of the vampire. We examine the legend of the Croglin Vampire in depth, and along the way discuss the diverse nature of the undead, the difference between fictional blood-suckers such as Count Dracula and the actual vampires of folklore, and somewhat bizarrely, the wrappers of 1970s sweets...

Download the episode here -  Favourite Monsters: Vampires

This week, Mr Jim Moon embarks on a perilous journey to hunt down the infamous Croglin Vampire. During the course of our investigations into this notorious case of British vampirism, along the way we'll meet such luminaries as occult scholar Montague Summers, the legendary Man In Black himself Valentine Dyall, and Sir Francis Varney, hero of epic Penny Dreadful Varney the Vampire! The truth is indeed out there... and it has fangs!

Download the episode here -  The Hunt for the Croglin Vampire

The Croglin imagery mentioned in the shows can be found HERE

You can also hear a wonderful mix of ambient sounds and the extract I read from Varney the Vampire by Melmoth the Wanderer

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solar penguin said...

That "Favourite Monsters: Vampires" picture looks like a cross between Rick Mayall and a grown-up version of the Eraserhead baby. Maybe with a bit of Norman Tebbit thrown in for good measure.

Truly the stuff of nightmares...

Anonymous said...

Aye, that's Tebbit like. But the best depiction of the Croglin Vampire appears in the excellent Hamlyn Book of Horror.

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to this podcast, superlative stuff. Part of it was listened to with headphones while traversing q lonely lanes of an abandoned estate complete with dessicatef walnut tree, deep well and walked garden. What a treat. Good points on the faux discrediting attempt too.
The Croglin tale is my favourite vampire story too (2nd place is Arnold Paole) and like the post above I remembertge Hamlyn illustration fondly although it scared the bejesus out of me as a child, as I took it as an inarguable fact that the story happened.