Tuesday 24 March 2015


PUBLISHER - Ok, we've got here a cosmic horror SF novel that's actually discussing many deep philosophical themes and exploring the limits of human consciousness...
ARTIST - Giant purple head on a heap of pebbles then?
PUBLISHER - Nailed it!!!!

Celebrating the mad, bad, and dangerous to look at covers inflicted on the book world


nutsilica.blogspot.com said...

I'm trying to find out the illustrator's name so I can see more of his work. Is it as bizarre as this? I remember the cover from this book so well. Most covers are generic because our age is becoming increasingly corporate and generic. Cover illustrations are mostly bland nowadays......Why?
I read the book 30 or so years ago and remember really liking it.
It was discouraging to enter a link that had this illustration as an example of a bad book cover. Thom's Bad Book Covers blog, I think it was called. People celebrate badness for so long they become blind to really exciting book covers like this.
It was a pleasure to read a book with this fun cover art. It's insane in a very good way. It did capture some of the feel of the novel as I remember it.
Your blog celebrates stuff you like, or is it like Thom's blog?

Jim Moon said...

The artist's name was Bob Fowke - and he's did lots of fantastic book covers, included two of my all-time favourite Lovecraft covers for the Panther paperback editions of the The Horror in the Museum and the Horror in the Burying Ground - a list of his art can be found here - http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?26629

I'm a huge fan of Colin Wilson's works, and I too lament the current bland state of cover art and movie posters - you just don't get insane visionary book covers like this one very often these days sadly!

On this blog and on my podcast, I mostly cover things that I love as I am a big believer in sharing what you are passionate about rather than idly nitpicking and snarking stuff for the sake of it.