Saturday, 29 June 2013

SACK by Creep Creepersin and Zoe Humphries

Now before we start, let me state absolutely unequivocally NOT a book for children. Seriously, let me repeat that is big caps THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR CHILDREN.

Yes, I know it looks like one... but that's the whole point!

Sack is the first volume in a series called Slasherton, a range of little books that features "nasty little creepies that are super cute but horribly deadly" written by Creep Creepersin, director, actor and driving force of the gothic horror punk band Creepersin and illustrated by Zoe Humphries. And in addition to the books there will be a whole range of merchandise featuring the little horrors coming soon too.

So what is Sack like? Well, if Roger "Mister Men" Hargreaves and Dr. Seuss took got hideously drunk together and embarked on an all-night video nasties marathon, this would be the book that would be found in the cold light of morning amid the piles of empty bottles, nacho fragments and discarded VHS cases.

Told in humorous rhyme (a la Seuss) and illustrated in a fun, simple way (a la Hargreaves), Sack is simply great twisted fun -  it's violent, rude and hilarious, fully living up to the Slasherton credo of making books for the creepy kid in all of us. And I for one am certainly looking forward to meeting the other 'orrible inhabitants of Slasherton.

And you can read all about the creation of Sack and Slasherton here at Zoe's blog

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