Monday 31 October 2011

HYPNOBOBS 53 - Ghostwatch

Just in time for Hallowe'en, Mr Jim Moon takes a look back at the BBC1 1992 TV special that terrified the nation! Revealing the origin, influences, impact and legacy of this classic of televisual terror created by Stephen Volk, that pitted Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith and Craig Charles against a most persistent and malignant spectre, the dread Mr Pipes...


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Paul said...

Excellent podcast. If you remember the Cadmium2 show we did back in October 2008 ( you'll know I have always been strong supporter of this tremendous drama. Sorry I was away recently or I would have commented on the show as well.

Jim Moon said...

Thank you very much sir!

As I've mentioned that other Cadmium 2 favourite Nigel Kneale's The Stone Tape in the last two podcasts now, I suspect I shall have to get round to a show - or indeed several shows - on his works :)