Saturday, 10 March 2018

The History of Horror Double Bills

Mr Jim Moon delves through the cinema archives of the Great Library of the Dreams to unearth the history of everyone's favourite two for one - the horror double bill! A three part podcast series exploring the history of the double feature, late night monster movies, horror hosts, and of course the legendary BBC2 horror double bills!


DIRECT DOWNLOAD - HYPNOGORIA 001 - Horror Double Bills Part 1

In the second part of our investigations of horror double bills, Mr Jim Moon details the second wave of the Universal Monsters, the chillers from RKO conjured up by Val Lewton, charts the building of the Hammer house of horrors, takes a spin through the history of the drive-in, and examines the double trouble that was AIP and Roger Corman!


DIRECT DOWNLOAD - HYPNOGORIA 002 - Horror Double Bills Part 2

In the third and final part of our series of double features in horror, Mr Jim Moon examines the history of the late night horror double bill on TV, discussing the likes of Shock Theater, horror hosts, Creature Features and the legendary BBC 2 horror double bills


DIRECT DOWNLOAD - HYPNOGORIA 003 - Horror Double Bills Part 3

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