Monday, 16 October 2017


Day 8 - "When It Was Moonlight..."  - I just can't resist the Ionicus style at the moment! Although there's more than a touch of MR James about this one too..

Day 9 - "Morning Stroll, Pnakotus, 400 Millions Years BC" -
This time I was having a go at doing something in a Gahan Wilson style, and hence opted for a little drawing of one of the Great Race of Yith who according to HP Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time lived on Earth in the millennia before man...

Day 10 - Nothing clever, just an undead fella! 

Day 11 - "Vincent in Blue"

Day 12 - "Delvers in the Dark" - a little homage to old school RPG art

Day 13 - "He seemed to be a tall thin man — or was it by any chance a woman?— at least, it was someone who covered his or her head with some kind of drapery before going to bed, and, he thought, must be possessed of a red lamp-shade — and the lamp must be flickering very much..." from Number 13 by MR James

Day 14  - The Inhabitant of the Lake - a pen and water colour inspired by the writings of Ramsey Campbell 

Day 15 - The Rose Garden 

"It was not a mask. It was a face — large, smooth, and pink. She remembers the minute drops of perspiration which were starting from its forehead: she remembers how the jaws were clean-shaven and the eyes shut. She remembers also, and with an accuracy which makes the thought intolerable to her, how the mouth was open and a single tooth appeared below the upper lip. As she looked the face receded into the darkness of the bush..." from The Rose Garden by MR James

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