Monday, 21 December 2015

HYPNOGORIA 26 - In Search of Santa Part IV

In the final chapter of this epic festive investigation, Mr Jim Moon explores the history of the British Father Christmas, goes on the trail of the German Weihnachtsmann, and perhaps finally gets to the bottom of where Santa Claus really comes from!

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Gary Madden said...

Loving your history of Santa, Jim. Thanks for all the hard work and research that went into the podcast!

Pippa's Ghost said...

These "In search of Santa" episodes are amazing. Thanks.

BTW about the detail in this one that Old Father Christmas was accompanied by children with names like Misrule, Wassail and Baby-cake. Do you think the original Victorian readers of A Christmas Carol were expecting the Ghost of Christmas Present's two children to have similar names? If so, it must've been a real shock when they were revealed as Want and Ignorance! What comes across as over-sentimental to modern readers would've been a really clever bit of writing back then.

Jim Moon said...

You know I never made the connection with the children of Old Father Christmas and the monstrous waifs beneath the Ghost of Christmas Present's robes - but it is very likely that Dickens was playing on that bit of folk knowledge!