Wednesday, 5 November 2014

TOMEGORIA 001 - The Girl With All The Gifts

Introducing a brand addition to the Hypnobobs podcast family - Tomegoria!

Every month in the Great Library of Dreams, Miss Odile Thomas will be joining Mr Jim Moon to embark on full and frankly spoiler filled reviews and discussion of  assorted different tomes, very much picking up from their previous team-ups on the Highway to Mars podcast.

And in this inaugural show, our hosts take their chairs by the fireside to discuss the recently released tome The Girl With All The Gifts - a highly impressive post apocalypse novel actually penned by famed famed Mike Carey under the pseudonym MR Carey. WARNING - this is a highly spoilerific discussion of this book, proceed with caution!

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      TOMEGORIA is hosted by GeekPlanetOnline and is part of the ROGUE TWO Podcasting network.

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