Thursday, 30 October 2014

HYPNOGORIA 004 - The Origins of Halloween

In an epic length show, Mr Jim Moon traverses the centuries in search of the origins of Halloween. Along the way we'll investigate the festival of All Hallows, the pagan rites of the Celts at Samhain, uncover the truth about trick or treating, the genesis of the jack o'lantern, and discover all manner of folk charms and rituals for Halloween night!

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating show, great thanks for the tremendous amount of research that went into creating the most definitive exploration I've ever encountered.

I was completely enthralled by the souling song and would love to hear more. I think I heard Lochlorien as the name of the group, but haven't yet found anything. Is that name correct, and if so, could you post any link you may have to where we could purchase more by this group?

Thanks again for another wonderful show,

Scott, Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

found the artist, Lothlorien, sorry for my American ears not picking that up in the podcast.