Sunday, 9 September 2012

HYPNOBOBS 93 - A Beginners Guide To Judge Dredd

This week Mr Jim Moon presents a highly zarjaz Beginners Guide To Judge Dredd. In this thrill-powered episode, we'll uncover the history of British comics, detail the creation of 2000 AD, explore the the world of Judge Dredd, and finally round off with a spoiler-free review of the brand new movie Dredd 3D! Miss it at your peril grexnixes!

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John the Monkey said...

Just splendid. I was a 2000AD reader from prog 250ish to 550ish, and this brought back some good memories, both of the stories I read, and those I heard of from friends who had read the comic earlier than me.

My cousin used to get one or other of the War comics (possibly Victor) and we'd swap issues once we'd read them. Happy days :)

Jim Moon said...

Thank you sir! There's a good deal more Dredd talk planned and some other excursions into classic British comics too :)