Sunday, 28 June 2009

Chun Li Vs Cinerama

Last night I ventured out of the blogosphere and into the podmos, with a guest appearance on the latest edition of Cinerama. Rather than the usual review run up, this was a special drunken commentary episode on the slice of movie magic that is Streetfighter: The Legend Of Chun Li... And you can hear the results here....

Now I'll give you fair warning - this podcast contains much slurring, stuttering and garbled nonsense from myself which I can honestly only partially blame on the vagaries of Skype! And the strange hissing noises is me chainsmoking by the way! I would also strongly advise drinking heavily before listening.

In fact, I'd generally advocate getting hammered before just watching the movie - trust me you'll need an anaesthetic of some description!

But I would caution against drinking merlot and gin in the same evening as I did... unless you want to redecorate your bathroom red.

And finally I'd like to point out that this entire drunken debacle was all Paul from Chinstroker Vs Punter 's fault. It was his tweets that alerted us to this tottering mess of a movie. And furthermore, it was CvsP's excellent commentary for The Cannonball Run which led me to having several large G & Ts before the recording!

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