Monday, 31 July 2017

HYPNOGORIA 65 - Knight of the Living Dead

In a special episode, Mr Jim Moon pays tribute to the late great George A Romero, taking a personal trip through the legendary director's many classic movies, chatting about movies such as Martin, Creepshow and The Crazies as well as his famous Dead saga.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that. I'm wondering if there's been a more fitting tribute to Romero anywhere on the globe.
I remember Martin from late night channel 4, must have been that same telecast, and haven't seen it since. Yet I remember it well, especially the scenes with the old relative. HE BELIEVED.
I also hired DOTD on Video in about 1983/4 having no idea what it was: the box art was ambiguous. It scared myself and two pals good and proper. Not sure why they gave me it to me that day in Video Glen: i was 10 years short of the required age. But good things like that happened in those days.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably, I was required to select pictures of pants a moment ago to prove I wasn't a robot. One of the aforementioned DOTD watching pals nickname was pants!

Jim Moon said...

Thank you! Tribute shows are always very hard to do - especially when the subject is so close to your heart. Glad I did George proud

Anonymous said...

Yea, great tribute. I had seen NOTLD when I was about eight, but didn't see Dawn till I was a teenager and returned to the house drunk (roughly 98-99). Pretty sure it was on after In The Mouth Of Madness on BBC2 and I distinctly remember after the credits had rolled, the title card came up and traced the famous "Airport Zombie" silhouette above it un a single white line - I've never seen this in any other version I've seen since.
A friend brought me back a VHS copy of Dawn from Blackpool around the same time and I think it was a severely edited version of the Argento cut, the full uncut DVD of which I obtained last year (in Dutch).
I got Day Of The Dead from a now extinct store called XS Music & Video and loved it, they had a video of Horror Express but i turned it down in favour of Friday 13th Part II (!). The next time i acquired a Romero documentary called Document Of The Dead on a double feature with an Argento companion piece.
My favourite Romero zombie is the NOTLD white shirt number, the first one Ben takes the rifle to a couple of time without effect before the headshot. Love that guy and the music.

Anonymous said...

I remember one being summoned to my workplace in the wee small hours a few years ago when the alarm went off. I was listening to a piece of music on radio 2 that seemed very familiar but I couldn't immediately place it.
Just before it ended I got it: The Gonk from the DOTD soundtrack. Mind bending and almost unbelievable! But a true story.

Jim Moon said...

I can confirm that Dawn was indeed shown in a double bill with In the Mouth of Madness on Saturday 19th of February 2000 -

I've also seen a version with the same post credit scene - it was on the first VHS rental version I saw!

Anonymous said...

You can imagine how bizarre this sounded on Radio 2 at 2 in the morning. Many years after it played in a film.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim. I used to describe my perfect evening of underage drinking, canoodling and heavyweight but elusive horror films to unbelieving friends. I was beginning to think I had made it up.
My copy of ITMOM is in Korean, bizarrely. It was the only place I could find it a couple of years back.

Anonymous said...

Read and listen to Hypnogoria..its the new Bible..