Tuesday, 22 March 2016


As mentioned in this week's show Mysteries of the Mummy Part IV - Silent Screams here's a round-up of the few surviving mummy silent movies that still survive and you can watch online... 

First up we have The Haunted Curiosity Shop - a British short from 1901 The Haunted Curiosity Shop - British short directed by Michael Booth, a former stage magician who became a leading maker of early British movies!  

Next we have another great pioneer of both cinema and special effects wizardry, Monsieur Georges Méliès and his 1903 silent Le Monstre!

And finally, we have Die Augen der Mummie Ma (1918) also known as The Eyes of the Mummy, a German silent directed by Ernst Lubitch!    

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solar penguin said...

It's amazing how much film-making had advanced in the 15 years from from 1903 to 1918. Do you think future generations will note a similar difference between now and 2001?