Tuesday, 22 September 2015


PUBLISHER - OK, we have a book of on assorted folklore, legends, and spooky tales from Devon...
ART DEPT. -  Like what?
PUBLISHER - Knockers...
ART DEPT. - (excited) I'll call the modelling agency!!!
PUBLISHER - No, not like that! They are some sort of gnome apparently...
ART DEPT. - Boo! So what else?
PUBLISHER - Oh witches, ghosts, phantom hounds, that kind of thing!
ART DEPT. - Witches? Maybe sexy ones? (excited) I'll call the modelling agency!!!
PUBLISHER - Stop that!
ART DEPT. - Ok then.... Phantom hounds eh? Well, my dog terrifies the postman... Do we get an expenses paid photoshoot in Devon?
ART DEPT - Scissors and random stock photos here we come!

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