Saturday, 1 March 2014

DINOSAURS! A Ladybird Leader!

Ladybird Books were an essential part of childhood for many British children in decades past, delivering books for a variety of ages, covering everything from fairy stories, to history, to science to hobbies. And this 1974 tome was many a child's introduction to those most beloved prehistoric monsters the dinosaurs!

Lavishly illustrated and with handy phonetic pronunciations of all those tongue-twisting names, this little book not only parades favourite dinos such as the T Rex and Triceratops but also gives us a simple but detailed potted history of early life on earth.

So with the Shonky Lab turning their attention to dinosaurs, I just couldn't resist doing a reading of this much loved little book, and with Mr Pete Kelk's help, the reading became a little movie.... Enjoy!

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rush assignment said...

I remember having an illustrated book of dinosaurs when I was a kid. I loved to see it and turn pages to find different names. I still wonder what would happen to man if he lived amongst dinosaurs.