Sunday, 27 January 2013

HYPNOBOBS 107 - Leg of Toad, Eye of Gorgon: An Introduction to Clark Ashton Smith

This week Mr Jim Moon has unearthed from the Great Library of Dreams the works of a much overlooked but thoroughly fantastic author, Mr Clark Ashton Smith. Considered in his day as one of the top three authors in the legendary pulp magazine Weird Tales alongside Robert E Howard and HP Lovecraft, his canon hasn't attracted quite the same standing as his two good friends. However in this episode  Mr Moon attempts to rectify this with an introduction to his works and readings of two of his tales. First we encounter the horrors of medieval witchery in rural France in the darkly erotic Mother of Toads, originally censored but presented here in its full uncut glory. And then we voyage back into the age of myth for drinks with Medusa in the comic fable Symposium of the Gorgon

The cover image for this episode is a photograph of a sculpture by Clark Ashton Smith, a piece entitled Young Ghoul

For more about Clark Ashton Smith, do visit the fabulous

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