Monday, 23 July 2012


With a fresh wave of Bat-mania sweeping the world, it's time to shameless surf the zeitgeist! And so, we proudly present Mr Jim Moon's celebrated series of podcasts exploring the Natural History of the Batman where you can discover when Bruce Wayne first donned the cowl, how his famous foes emerged, and how the character has evolved through the decades of fighting crime in Gotham City! 

In the opening chapter of what has turned out to be an epic podcast series, Mr Jim Moon reveals the origins of the Batman and the genesis of the comic book medium! 

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 30 (Bat-History 1)

Continuing our exploration of Bat-history, we discover Batman gaining a family, follow them into the high weirdness of the Silver Age, and discover just who that little shit on the Dark Knight's shoulder is!

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 31 (Bat-History 2)

We swing into the 1960s with Batman, further exploring his evolution in the Silver Age and examining the iconic television series which unleashed a wave of bat-mania!

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 37 (Bat-History 3)

In this chapter of Bat-history we wade through the aftermath of Bat-mania, and see how comics legends Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams redefined Batman for the times that were a-changin' ! 

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 48 (Bat-History 4)

Troubling times for the Batman! We see how the Dark Knight fared against the sinister forces of a new villain - the flood of rival comics unleashed by the mighty Marvel! 

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 55 (Bat-History 5)

It's Batman in the '80s! A truly titanic decade of evolution for Bat-comics, with a Crisis on Infinite Earths,  Frank Miller and Alan Moore taking the character in new darker directions, and a redefined origin win Years One to Three! 

DIRECT DOWNLOAD - Hypnobobs 66 (Bat-History 6)

COMING SOON - The Natural History of the Batman Part 7 - examining Batman in the '90s and the quartet of big screen adventures that swept the world in this decade!

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