Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Goodbye Sarah Jane

Just heard the incredibly sad news that Elisabeth Sladen has passed away aged only 63.

Loved by several generations for her portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and later her own highly successful series The Sarah Jane Adventures, Lis is going to be missed by many.

Widely considered to be the greatest of all the good Doctor's companions, she was the traveller in the TARDIS that I grew up with and so it was a real joy to see her return to our screens new Who. And even better was to watch the The Sarah Jane Adventures become a landmark piece of children's television, because a whole new generation would take her to their hearts too.

Lis was always very protective of Sarah Jane and rightly so, because she was more than just a character in a sci-fi show, she was a role model, embodying the best virtues with courage and good humour. She was the friend we all looked up to.

We learnt a lot travelling with Sarah Jane; loyalty, courage, kindness, the value of true friendship, and greeting troubles with both a smile and careful thought. And as long as we stay true to her virtues and all the things that Sarah and indeed Lis herself believed in, she will never truly be gone from this marvellous universe....

We''ll miss you but we will never forget.

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