Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What's your home film viewing experience like? Do you have a large DVD collection or prefer to rent? Have you invested in Blu-ray or surround sound? Do you spend any time watching films online? What's your next purchase?

I have a nice hi-def telly and DVD player with surround sound. Yes, it's true many films don't make the best use of 5.1 but it's worth having for the ones that do :). Not made the move to Blu Ray just yet but as the DVD is getting a little elderly, that move will be happening soon!

Generally I buy on disc and having the typical pile of films not yet watched, plus similarly DVD addicted friends and family, I rarely need to rent something to watch :).

Similarly there's always enough in the pile or that I've borrowed so that I don't really bother watching films online.

Next purchase? Quite probably Blake's & Series 3, though no doubt some little gem will leap out of a bargain bin before then!

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