Wednesday, 2 February 2011

You find yourself in a dark alley under attack from a gang of thugs, you may draw one weapon, which may be any weapon from any TV show, film, book or comic. Choose wisely.

So asked the erstwhile NEIL SHEPPARD asked, and we said...

Mr JIM MOON, being a loyal Squaxx dek Thargo, would obviously have to go for the classic side arm sported by Judge Dredd - the Law Giver! High powered rounds for every occasion and more than capable of blowing these drokkin' street punks to Grud and back! And being a child of the '70s, he'd have to insist on the original Mark I design!

Meanwhile the dread Mr Greenslade, after much chin stroking, has opted for the legendary baneblade, Stormbringer, claiming that in addition to the impressive soul drinking powers this mystical sword grants the user, he has the suitably Elric-esque foppishness and chemical dependency down pat already! Plus he could have a Hawkwind soundtrack...

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