Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Did you watch the BAFTAs on TV? In general, how much attention do you pay to film awards and how much impact do they have on what you watch?

Now once upon a time, in galaxy far far away, I used to watch all the awards religiously and enjoy that wonderful atmosphere of bitching and generally moaning for weeks afterwards that the wrong films were nominated and awards given to the undeserving.

However nos jours, I really just can't be arsed anymore as mainly the (possibly dubious) wisdom of age has taught me two important lessons about film awards...

Firstly that the selection of movies chosen to have the chance of getting a gong is absurdly limited - genre offerings, comedies, and possibly most criminally films not in English are often completely overlooked, if not down right snubbed, by the awards mandarins.

Secondly the films we remember as classics of their time often aren't the movies that clean up at awards time. Frequently one film tends to dominate, hoovering up every golden idol going - it's like the shadowy circles who decide on such matters all secretly decide that one movie shall be lauded above all other that year and everything else can go hang. I suspect there's a big hat somewhere they draw the golden name from!


All that said, I still faithfully check the reports of what got nominated and who won what and add anything I've missed to my To Watch lists ;)

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