Thursday, 18 November 2010

Best film trailer of the last few days; GREEN LANTERN, COWBOYS & ALIENS, YOUR HIGHNESS or RED RIDING HOOD? Why?

So asked FILM INTEL and here's our anwser!

Right then, GREEN LANTERN looks fun but we're really not sure about the suit - CGI aside not entirely sold on the dark green.

RED RIDING HOOD looks pretty but doesn't seem to have captured a proper medieval tone - all seems a bit music video! We suspect the words 'missed opportunity' may figure heavily in reviews...

YOUR HIGHNESS however looked far more like a proper ye olde fantasy world and contrast with the foul mouthed humour worked well. Yes we laughed alot and are looking forward to this one! And we sure we're not alone in that it brought memories flooding back of teenage D&D sessions.

Clear winner though had to be COWBOYS & ALIENS. Looks gorgeous and a lot more intriguing than the lazy sounding mash-up titles suggests. This could be the best genre hopping Western since VALLEY OF GWANGI!

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