Friday, 30 January 2009


As you might have guessed from this blog's sidebar of linkage, I listen to alot of podcasts. The great thing about podcasts is that they are content I can consume while working, and having a rack of shows to listen to certainly helps while away the hours sweating in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Indeed I now listen so many podcasts, one of this New Year's resolutions was to make time to listen to more music again.

So I thought I start throwing in reviews of some of my favourite shows, and first up is Cinerama. This 'cast is, as you can probably guess from it's title, a weekly movie show hosted by the very affable Ian Loring. Each week he has in-depth reviews of the latest releases and a round-up of the latest trailers and movie news. Plus there's often a Top 5 list and the Marathon Review in which Ian watches a selection of films by a particular director over several weeks. Previous subjects in this section have included Michael Haeke, the Coen Brothers and Dario Argento.

The show superbly balances intelligent discussion with witty banter and covers the full range of cinema from arthouse, through the mainstream right down to schlock. Generally the shows run at an hour plus which will give some indication of the detail Ian goes into for the reviews. He's a great presenter, never pretentious but always passionate and serving up his comments with a large side order of humour. He had the great ability to talk seriously and at length about the art of cinema without ever losing the perspective of the ordinary movie-goer. To give you an idea of how talented he is as a broadcaster, when he recently floated the idea of having a co-host a great many of his listeners e-mailed in against the idea, fearing the Voice of Loring would be diluted!
Though the best testament to his skills is that I have gone to see movies I might well have passed by thanks to his glowing reviews.

Cinerama is a great show and if you like cinema, you should really subscribe. For me it's the best weekly show on current movies. You can find Cinerama on Itunes or click the link on the right and paste the address into your favourite podcatcher!

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