Monday, 24 November 2008


After months of pestering, my partner in crime Mr Tom Greenslade has finally managed to stay out of the pub long enough to set up his own blog. Or rather tumblelog.

And what in Cliff's name is a tumblelog? Well Tumblr is a blog site where as well as the the usual posting you can easily add links to pictures, web pages, quotes, music or video you find online. It's really fun and a great way to share all the groovy things you stumble upon while traversing the net without having to spam all your mates via email. Go on check it out, you'll like it! Honest!

Anyhow the linkage to Tom's is -

He's promising a good deal of what we call 'news of the weird' as well anything that takes his eye. Plus there'll be a fair bit of our own creative efforts that don't fit into the parameters of

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