Saturday, 10 June 2017

HYPNOGORIA 59 - Are Mummies Zombies?

In this episode, Mr Jim Moon tackles one of the most troubling questions of our times, a question that has perplexed the minds of man for... ohh.. ages now! Yes, in this episode we attempt to settle once and for all the age-old question of are mummies zombies? 

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solar penguin said...

In your Zombi Zombi podcasts you said that voodoo religion believes we have multiple souls. The Egyptians also believed in multiple souls (the ba, the ka, etc.)

Could this be another connection between zombies and mummies?

Jim Moon said...

I'd not actually thought of that! There are certainly interesting a parallels between the two soul systems - and a possible share link in ancient Africa!

However as I covered in my Mysteries of the Mummy series, there doesn't appear to be any ancient legends or folklore concerning the mummified dead resurrecting - the idea of mummies walking again appears to surface centuries after the Classical Egyptian civilisations had declined and collapsed

Anonymous said...

The Mummy also tends to have a bit of class about him, appearing suddenly in alleyways or lurching through French windows. I've yet to see a classy zombie in anything.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally. I'm quite fond of the "he's coming to get you, Barbara" zombie from NotLD (1968). I'm not saying he's classy but he's several cuts above the one facing off against Karloff above, and his ilk.
The undead tin miners from Plague of the Zombies (1966) have a certain shabby charm about them as well.

Anonymous said...

I daresay if Squire Hamilton from POTZ(1966) had been zombified in the Romero fashion, at least some element of suaveness, and dare I say it, class, would have shone through. This I ask Mr Moon; Wil yon Owl be a recurring character?

Jim Moon said...

Now if we are talking elegant zombies, while not strictly fitting the bill, but certain getting a mention when I talk about the influences on Night of the Living Dead, are the denizens of the haunted ballroom in Carnival of Souls

And I fear the dread Mr Owl is indeed here to stay... Might try and get some pictures of the feathered fiend at some point this week...

Anonymous said...

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