Sunday, 4 September 2016

MICROGORIA 33 - Murder In Lower Quinton Part I

In the first episode in an epic three part investigation, Mr Jim Moon uncovers the facts in the case of the murder of Charles Walton - an unsolved crime that rumours of witchcraft, toads, and ancient cults have grown up around.

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Anonymous said...

How you gathered all that information I will never know. The whole scenario is deeply engrained, I cant quite remember where I first read about this. The parts about 'Fabian Of The Yard' being a bit of a self publicist certainly ring a bell. I think i can recall Daniel Farson giving him a gentlemanly slagging in some old Hamlyn book.
Looking forward to the next parts. Hopefully a spiritual sequel (in the sense of a publicly known case of the rationalised supernatural) about Demetrious Myicuria will follow..

Anonymous said...

Cracking work again , Jim. The entire blog is exceptionally researched and presented. I only came here for the Horror Top Trumps but have stayed ever since.
Ah, Demetrious, the old Pole who was afraid of vampires. An interesting tale. I enjoyed the Irish death bed confession involving the masked assailants even more. The problem with Daniel Farson is that he's dead. Therefore, the production of new Hamlyn genre books is beyond him. Good job I have a few of the old ones secreted away in the garret for when my wee lass comes of age. Then it will be swiftly on to "Arthur C. Clarkes Mysterious World" (1980) playing on a continuous loop for months at a time. Then the blog.

Jim Moon said...

I daresay old Demetrious Myicuria will get a mention sooner or later! However the next investigation along these lines I think will be the case of Bella in the Wych Elm (which we'll be touching upon in Part II of the Quinton Case).

I'm also planning to do a show on the Hamlyn book of Horror and its kin - I owe a huge debt to Daniel Farson for inspiring and educating my young mind!

I'm also working on a sequel series to Horror Top Trumps, which has the working title of Terrible Old Tat, looking at assorted weird ephemera produced over the years, from Sea Monkeys to Tardis Tuners, from Aurora monster kits to Horror Bags!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good menu. The Myicuria case doesn't quite have the scale of the Lower Quinton case, which is like a JFK assassination cast with bumpkins. Even the guy with the pitchfork doesn't know who ordered it..
Why hasn't there ever been a sensationalist documentary on the Discovery Channel about occult Nazis claiming Walton was ritually killed on the express orders of Himmler as part of some Nordic/Himalayan Aryan ceremony? That's what I wonder..

Anonymous said...

The material dwelling in this blog is more than enough for a Hamlyn or three. Jim and ST.CLAIRE could maybe join forces: they seem cast from the same cloth. In fact, I often wonder if "ST CLAIRE" is a Moon pseudonym, an alter ego used for unravelling his mind/ material sifting as he winds up for his next post...

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to disappoint you, sir, but i have no connection to Jim Moon or his blog. I just lurk on it a lot. Of course, I cant prove any of this..
Are you the insightful commenter from Jims top trumps blog who also had a Zetan Warlord T shirt?
And I agree with you that if Hamlyn ever returned to their horror oeuvre, then Jim Moon would be the best candinate. Once he had knocked out Mark Gatiss with a hawthorn club, of course..
And on the subject of modern updates, can someone start a petition to have BBC get Robert Powell to read some more M.R James in time for Christmas?
Powell is actually a Master Of Macabre, but is very discreet with it. But I digress..
Now I must make some tea. My stomach is as empty as Roy the bomber pilot's eyes from Hamlyn Book Of Horror.

solar penguin said...

Great podcast.

Here's the BBC's take on the mystery:

Not nearly as thorough as yours, but a fun introduction to the case anyway.

Anonymous said...

Aye, it's me. I've still got the Warlord T shirt and several more besides. I've literally worn them into faded rags. If you are planning on getting some made I would recommend grey for subtle coolness and white if you really want the lurid monstrosities to really "jump out at folk". The bairn and her wee pals are particularly fond of Zoltan but he's so faded, you can only see his eyeballs these days.