Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 sees the Harry Potter franchise come to an end. How do you feel? What's your favourite moment from the series? What would you change? Or are you glad that we won't have to put up with Potter from now on?

Well, having just returned from seeing Deathly Hallows: Part 2, so now I'm fully qualified to answer these batch of questions...

My overall feeling on the end of this series is probably relief. And no, not in a 'oh thank the dark gods it's over' fashion either! It more feeling satisfied that firstly they actually got the saga complete without dwindling profit margins leaving the series unfinished. And secondly that they kept the quality levels high. In fact it's a rare instance in a film franchise where the strength of the some of the later films tops the first outings.

My favourite moment? Very tough to answers as there are so many great sequences to pick from over the eight movie run. However, rather than stage an epic clash of the FX scenes, I'm going for a little moment that captures the charm of the books and the central friendships in the stories. It comes in the final scenes of the first movie just after Hermione has remember how to deal with the Devil's Snare that was threatening to kill them...

Hermione: Devil's Snare, Devil's Snare..."It's deadly fun, but will sulk in the sun!" That's it! Devil's Snare hates sunlight! Lumos Solem!
Harry: Ron, you okay?
Ron: Yeah.
Harry: Okay.
Ron: Lucky we didn't panic.
Harry: Lucky Hermione pays attention in herbology.

As for what I'd change... well as a lover of the books, there's a hundred and one scenes I'd have liked to see make it onto the big screen. However rather than single out an individual passage than should have been squeezed into the screenplays, I'd opt to just reinstate Peeves the poltergeist into the movie incarnation of Hogwarts...

Overall, I think the films have suffered from trying to cram in too much in a short space of time and consequently have been better montages of key scenes rather than coherent stories in their own right. But then again, plenty of folk who haven't read the books have enjoyed the series, so maybe I should get off my high hippogriff! But while I've had niggles over the approach the adaptations have taken at some points, it's been a fun ride over the years and they brought JK Rowling's world to beautiful and vivid life.

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