Monday, 11 April 2011

How much of a film do you normally see before you head into the cinema? Do you watch and read everything available (trailers, clips, reviews, interviews, etc.) or are you more choosy? Do you prefer going in completely blind or is that impossible nowadays?

Sadly in these days of the internet going in blind is very hard, especially if you use social media. Then again with ever rising ticket prices and everyone tightening their belts, going in blind isn't that preferable - after all who wants to end up seeing the turkey of the year instead of one of the future classics ;)

Generally if a movie catches my attention and I'm considering a cinema trip to see it, I will watch the trailers and check out a few spoiler free reviews from folks whose judgements I respect. If the buzz is positive and the trailer doesn't make me want to stab out either my own eyes or the director's with a plastic spoon, money will change hands at the theatre.

And in the main, all the reviews, interviews and sundry other peripheral material can wait until I've seen the movie... As an older gentleman, I've been sucked into hype maelstrom too often before and come away disappointed, so I try to avoid building up too many expectations. Obviously that's easier said than done, but I feel that getting too carried away with the idea that Movie X is going to be the second coming of sliced bread will skew your critical judgement. And keeping a cool head means you tend to enjoy more films more often without the weight of hype and hopes tipping the balance ;)

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