Friday, 3 December 2010

You're casting your perfect film. You can pick one currently working actor and one currently working actress. Who do you go for and why?

Hmm tough choice! To begin with, let us take it as read that our perfect film would be some species of exceedingly strange and atmospheric cinema...

Now our ideal female lead is an easy choice - Lina Leandersson. As after her stunning performance in the modern classic Let The Right One In, we're desperate to see her in something else and we're quite sure she'd be brilliant in any role you throw at her... and not in a spooky Dakota Fanning way either!

Right now it seems she's busy at school and while we approve that she's concentrating on her studies , we just hope she doesn't vanish from the movies like Alakina Mann (the little girl in The Others) or go all Lindsay Lohan on us when she grows up!

Now for the male lead, that's tougher but we'll go for George Clooney. He's handsome in a golden age Hollywood kinda way, but and as versatile as legends like Redford or Gregory Peck - indeed we think the makers of the Omen remake really dropped the ball not getting Mr Clooney for the role of Robert Thorn. And if they'd partnered him with Naomi Watts as Damien's mother you'd have had a remake to rival the original....

But we digress...

Back on point, apart from being a charismatic performer and all round nice guy (by all accounts at least), we'd cast him 'cos we'd love to see him in a highly strange haunting movie!

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