Saturday, 24 April 2010


Yes, that's right folks, I regret to inform you that there will be no review of The Time of The Angels. However in the timeless words both of Corporal Jones and Douglas Adams - don't panic! As I will be writing out my thoughts on this much anticipated story at some point in the future...

Now there are two good reasons why I'm not doing the review this weekend...

Firstly, this the first half of a two parter and it makes more sense to me to review the story as a whole. By reviewing both parts as one, I'm not having to slip on my Mystic Jim Head (courtesy of Gummidge Enterprises) judge episode elements by how well I think they going to pay off in the second half.

Secondly, I'm actually out of the UK at the moment and indeed I'll be still on my travels for next week's Who too - so I can't actually see the story until I return to Blighty. Yes, I could *ahem* acquire it quite easily - well,that is if the travel agent hasn't been telling porkies about the internet access in the places I'm going to be staying in.

But do I really want to have my first look at episodes in what a non-Who obsessed friend - a sane man who can't tell a Mandrel from a Bandril - is hailing as "a new golden age of Doctor Who on a tiny netbook screen?

Of course not! I want to sit down smashed out of my bonce on a potent mix of Earl Grey and jetlag and watch both parts on my big hi-def idiot's lantern in glorious don't-blink-0-vision.

However in the meantime for any of you jonsing for some of my patent rambling on Who, I will be posting up an article very soon on the many faces of the Doctor - The Regeneration Game.

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