Saturday, 23 August 2008


Originally I planned on doing a blog on the trials and tribulations of the web project I'm currently slaving over. However over the past few weeks I've noticed my friends' eyes glazing over whenever I've started waffling about the various technical issues I've been grappling with, which led me to ask myself - who really wants to read alot of ranting about the nitpicky tedium of coding for different browsers and the like? Not you. Not me. And certainly not my Aunt Nelly.

So instead I'm going to waffle about whatever I've been watching or reading. Expected alot of talk about works that include robots, dinosaurs, vampires and psychos - you know all that high brow literary stuff :).

And what does HYPNOGORIA mean? Well it's the name of the afore mentioned website and you find out what it means when the site finally goes up...

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